Master of Health Informatics Overview

Health Informatics is an integrated research and learning program with health as its focus and information technology as the enabler. It is a program that:

  • promotes and supports the use of health informatics in health services delivery, health management systems, research, learning and health policy development; for the purpose of improving health outcomes and processes for people
  • is based on necessary collaborations among a variety of interested groups and sectors including consumers, providers, educators, researchers, government, clinicians, industry and anyone else with a key interest in the process and outcomes.
  • is an international leader in key areas of health informatics research and application
  • has a strong ethical standard and base.

The field of Health Informatics deals with understanding the meaning and use of health information to support clinical care, health services administration, research and teaching. The program deals with the management and use of health information. It includes the understanding and use of computing skills and information management techniques derived from several disciplines including mathematics, statistics, and philosophy (epistemology). Pertinent information is necessary for informed decisions by patients, clinicians and health policy makers. This interdisciplinary program will prepare individuals with knowledge and skills to contribute to further work in this field.

The Master of Health Informatics core program provides essential understanding and skills development related to information tools and technologies. The program aims to provide a conceptual understanding of health and health care systems, so that students will

  1. understand the meaning and use of information generated by health system encounters,
  2. be able to develop a framework to formulate and answer questions related to the use of information in health care.

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